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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below answers to some of the frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed click here to contact us.


[acc title="WHY AM I UNABLE TO LOGIN?" style="style3" ]

Is your account activated yet? Have you confirmed your email by clicking on the link in the Confirmation Mail sent to your email?

Have you also verified your telephone number with the Verification Code sent to your telephone number?

All the above needed to be done to activate your account.

Please also check that your username and password are correct. To recover your username or password if you have lost or forgotten them use this link.

Also, confirm you have not been banned from the website due to a violation of any of the TOS of the website. Pls, contact us to sort things out if you feel you you've been wrongly banned.


[acc title="WHY IS MY MESSAGE NOT BEING SENT?" style="style3" ]

Confirm that you have sufficient SMS credits to send the message. Check that the sender name or sender id you are using is not more than 11 (eleven) characters, spaces inclusive.


[acc title="WHAT IS DND?" style="style3" ]

DND means Do-Not-Disturb. It prevent messages from being delivered to any number that it is active on. Read more about DND here.


[acc title="HOW DOES DND AFFECT MY BULK MESSAGES?" style="style3" ]

DND prevent messages from being delivered to any number that it is active on. Read more about DND here.


[acc title="WHY ARE SOME OF MY MESSAGES SENT NOT DELIVERED?" style="style3" ]

Messages cannot be delivered to invalid numbers, unreachable numbers, and  DND active numbers. So, confirm that affected numbers are valid, reachable and not on DND. Read more about DND here.


[acc title="WHY ARE ALL MY MESSAGES SENT NOT DELIVERED?" style="style3" ]

This will never happen, except, of course, all the numbers have DND. If it does please contact us immediately.


[acc title="NUMBERS FORMAT OF BULK SEND SMS?" style="style3" ]

Your numbers can be inputted in the recipient box on the website or mobile app or arranged in a saved text file in the manners below:



[acc title="NUMBERS FORMAT OF BULK UPLOAD CONTACTS?" style="style3" ]




It is important to maintain the exact headings of row 1 in your own file too. Leave the box if the contact has no email. The notes are optional too.

bulk upload contacts formatted csv


[acc title="HOW AND WHERE CAN I BUY SMS CREDITS?" style="style3" ]

Once you determine how much SMS credits you need, you can purchase SMS credits Online with your debit/credit cards (Verve, Mastercard or Visa), or by paying Cash or make Fund Transfer directly into our company bank account. You can also pay for your SMS credits by issuing Cheque in our company's name.

See our SMS rates here.

Online payment using debit/credit cards is the fastest to get your SMS credit because you can do it right now and here if you want to without leaving the confine of your home or office and you also get your bulk SMS account credited immediately with the amount of bulk SMS credit purchased. To make payment online now please Click here

Fund Transfers and Cash Deposit payments will roughly take between 10 and 30 minutes to get your account credited with your SMS credit value. Below is our bank details for this purpose:

Banker: Diamond Bank

Account Name: T&D Telecomms Services

Account Number: 0032586045

Account Type: Current

For cash deposit see here a Diamond Bank branch close to you.

Please always use your email address or username on our site as the depositor when making bank payments or as the reference in the case of fund transfer.

Cheque payments are not credited until the cheque clears (unless you are a regular reseller). Please issue all cheques in favour of T&D Telecomms Services.


[acc title="PRICING AND PAYMENT INFORMATION" style="style3" ]

Pricing information and Bank details can be found here:

Buy a credit bundle and get credited instantly:


[acc title="DO YOU HAVE A RESELLER PLAN?" style="style3" ]

Yes, we do. Please see details here:


[acc title="IS THE ONLINE ATM CARD PAYMENT SECURE?" style="style3" ]

Yes very secure. We use VoguePay and SimplePay both highly secure and CBN approved online payment processor service companies in Nigeria. Click here now to make payment using VoguePay if you want to. Click here to buy credit using SimplePay.


[acc title="HOW CAN I SEND SMS FROM MY APPLICATION OR WEBSITE?" style="style3" ]

To do that you will need to integrate our SMS gateway API into your system. Get it here.


[acc title="WHY DIDN'T I RECEIVE THE FREE SMS YOU PROMISED?" style="style3" ]

It is either you have not completed your registration or you have been denied access due to fraud suspicion. Please call support to regularise.



Yes. We accept all bank debit / credit cards and we use VoguePayVoguePay is a highly secure and CBN approved online payment processor service company in Nigeria. Click here to make payment now if you want to.


[acc title="HOW TO SEND PERSONALISED SMS?" style="style3" ]

Just save your message file in a CSV format as in these examples, go to Personalised SMS page here and upload your file:

personalised sms csv format example

Note. Note these: #3 means column 3, #4 means column 4 and #5 means column 5 in the body of the messages above.

See screenshots of how the messages will appear on each of the recipient's phones below:

sms e green s


Personalized Example 2

The personalized sms csv file

personalised sms format csv

The result on recipients' phones

sms n-personalized


[acc title="ANY CSV FILES EXAMPLES TO DOWNLOAD & USE?" style="style3" ]

Yes! Download the zip file below and unzip it. Inside the unzipped folder you will find examples of CSV formatted files which you can view to guide you or you can edit anyone, save and use.

Here is the download link:

Bulksms Android App



[acc title="YOUR QUESTION NOT LISTED ABOVE?." style="style3" ]Still can't find the answer to the issue you are having? Please use the Live Chat / call any of our phone lines 08091814000 or 08062102020 or send mail to support [ @ ] . Thank you! [/acc]

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