various people using different devices for bulk smsReliable & fast interaction with clients, staff and suppliers has become increasingly important in today's business environment. And, sms remain the medium of choice for communication for a whole host of businesses. Organisations can only ignore this fact at their peril.

Bulk-sms has become a major communication and marketing tool in the world today. It's simple, yet very effective and efficient. You can reach anyone, anywhere in the world with your message within a second through bulk-sms. And it has a higher rate of been read than emails.

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Bulk SMS Applications

Businesses and organisations the world over have reliased the huge potential of interacting with the clients, suppliers and employees using bulk SMS and are now placing bulk sms in the front burner of their communication and marketing mix. The following are some of the more specific application areas of bulk sms:

Politicians and Political Parties - inform the public about manifesto, campaigns, educate electorate about voting guidelines, etc.

Government Agencies, Ministries and NGOs - also can use bulk sms message as tool for information dissemination, public campaign or mass orientation, informing and educating the people of various government actions, policies and programmes.

Marketers/Advertisers - meet your targets with bulk sms in various forms: sms adverts, short consumer education, promos, games, sweepstakes, etc.

Restaurants - inform clients about special menu, day deals or discounts and promotions.

Churches - send notice and reminders about programmes, harvest pledges, meetings, evangelism and sending of short motivational and inspirational messages.

Schools - inform, notify and remind parents about school fees, sporting activities, excursions, pickups, drop offs, parties, etc.

Boutiques - inform prospects and clients about new arrivals, discount offers, promotions, etc.

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